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Wed, 12 Jul 2006

The Pink Beast of Love / Chris Gelbmann
The Pink Beast of Love I was recently at dinner with friends, where the subject of blogs came up. One of the guests wanted to know what the compulsion is to share your thoughts with the world. I didn't have a good answer, or at least one that would satisfy him; like art or porn, you know it when you experience it.

But it made me think of the second question, that of just how much to share. There are people who let it all hang out, sometimes literally. And then there are folks like me who reveal aspects we hope others will find interesting or entertaining or enlightening. But we censor ourselves, whether to avoid others pain or to remain employed (the work-related stories I might tell if I didn't have to keep the paychecks rolling in...) or just because there really is such a thing as too much honesty.

Which brings me to Chris Gelbmann, whose first album appeared recently on the iTMS. In search of something to say about this low key and hauntingly voiced performer, I ended up at his website. And thence to his Reviews & Feedback link. The reviews are all in German, at least the ones I clicked on, and I wasn't up for trying to make sense of Babelfishery this morning. Fortunately, some of the feedback was in English. And they led me to the thoughts I've already described, about how much to reveal or conceal. Because most of the feedback consists of his rejection notices from various record labels. Which raises a whole other discussion about the labels' role in filtering out the uncommercial artists from the ones who have what it takes. I think they were wrong about Mr. Gelbmann. Then again, I'm not getting paid for my opinions.

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