Posted Wed Jul 12 11:00:00 2006 - 2 comments
The Pink Beast of Love / Chris Gelbmann
2. Regina Sat Feb 3 11:28:01 2007 PST
I've been on a lot of sights lately looking for good music for a new children's radio show we are about to do and I have to say I like a lot of your listed music. Im finding some great songs for the show and just wanted to thank you for your blog. Sharing is a beautiful thing. I especially like C. Gellbmann. I heard Brett Deanne on World Cafe and loved his work as well. He's a young home-schooled brat. Im jealous of good talent. Anyway, thanks again.
1. Bernie Wed Jul 19 09:16:44 2006 PST
I heard his songs on myspace. ( and honestly I think he is amazing!!! I can't imagine that they haven't figured it out. Maybe the music industry is currently in such a difficult situation that they are not willing to take any risk. But this guy definetly worth a try!!!

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