Disorderly Content


Monday's Tweets

11:09 After Ever After - DISNEY Parody [Amazing and disturbing.] http://t.co/JXd1d6z20I
12:07 Picked up at a comic con in San Jose yesterday. Artist worked on P&TB. He's a fan of @yakkopinky like me. http://t.co/JqGiGKkNe5
12:10 Also got this. Story of my job, if not my life. He also had one of lil' Greedo saying "it wasn't even loaded." http://t.co/mnBzhhuY6l
18:32 Via @reduced, @HESHerman reviews an Allan Sherman bio. The latter Sherman was a huge influence, which explains a lot. http://t.co/kio8whPY8j
18:47 @HESherman I just ordered the Allan Sherman bio for my iPad. And it's all your fault! Thanks for that.
20:19 RT @DeathStarPR: Hooray! Best. Assignment. Ever. http://t.co/Nkibg95U48 [Cue the ominous music.]