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Friday's Tweets

10:49 So to be clear, Ron Paul did consort with bigots, but he didn't any more, but now he does again? Got it, thanks. http://t.co/6kbyWWABj0
11:23 Note to marketing firms: don't try to trick me if you ever want my business. Today's example, a phony wedding "save the date" announcement.
13:07 Oh, FFS. Dell really thinks they're going to convince the world that they'll get tablets right? http://t.co/7YD8tGhG0r
18:51 My old MacBook Pro has been getting worse lately, so today I blew a ton of cash on a new retina MBP. So excited!
18:53 RT @Decoder_Ring: If you've read Mask of the Red Panda 3 already, may I trouble you to rate it on Comixology? [Already did. 5 stars!]