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Saturday's Tweets

07:29 3 hours waiting to talk to Rob, Jess & Tress, AKA Yakko, Wakko & Dot. Worth it, but feel like a zombie today. Breakfast, then Universal.
16:33 7 hours at Universal Studios & I'm done. Fun but crazy expensive, especially with the Front of Line option.
18:44 "The History Channel is to history what Dr. Pepper is to doctors." Southern comic reduces The Bible. http://t.co/7mWbbRSJ7l
20:11 @TheAshleyClem Love the red hair. The red eye not so much.
20:12 RT @yakkopinky: Thanks to all who came to share the joy of ANIMANIACS LIVE last night! http://t.co/3kaaIeu814 [It was the bestest!]
20:26 Okay, time for a pledge: no more chili dogs ever. They disagree with me. Violently and quickly. Time to grow up, I guess.
20:53 @donttrythis Hope the myth I was in last May finally gets on the air. I've been so patient!