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Friday's Tweets

09:18 UK medical journal admits they may have been hasty in trashing researcher's work. Only took 150 years to do it. http://t.co/GEbBpaU1Pn
09:32 The title says I'm saying these words wrong, but the text says otherwise. http://t.co/YD5C9fsHrk
10:00 San Francisco never looked more beautiful. http://t.co/w39kyVCOnc
15:11 On the plane to Burbank and the #Animaniacs reunion show. So excited!
16:28 @alwayscoffee It is indeed. Also available on ustream.tv.
16:29 @Lomara I'll keep an eye out for @wetodded. Tell him to look for me.
19:04 Waiting for the #Animaniacs show to start. Got here super early to get a good seat not a big deal; this place is tiny!
19:17 @Lomara I did get to meet @wetodded. He's a few feet closer to the stage, dammit.
19:18 @shelbyfero And yet somehow I keep managing not to.
20:22 It begins. http://t.co/andhKXzqhj