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Saturday's Tweets

00:13 @Lomara But I've been enjoying mainlining the series. Did the same with Buffy and most of Angel too. @TheLizzieBennet
00:41 @Lomara So I did. Can't do anything about that now though. @TheLizzieBennet
11:29 Courtney Milan, I think I love you. Not just because of your version of the Supremes arguments. But that's a start. http://t.co/G321T0Tc0H
11:36 Made the mistake of answering my landline. It was a solicitor of some kind, but one too busy to pick up the phone. Stood up by a scumbag.
15:38 Today's Amazon haul: Les Miz on Blu-Ray and a new @CAH expansion pack. Because I like suffering when it happens to other people.
15:43 Finished my marathon viewing of @TheLizzieBennet Diaries. Best web thing ever.
18:25 @TheAshleyClem Loved it, even discovering it so late. It rivals the BBC version. Rest up and get well soon. @Lomara