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Sunday's Tweets

05:50 My cruise is done. Anything happen while I was offline? #jccc3
11:53 Just ran into Mike Phirman & John Roderick at the airport. Thanked them for an amazing week. Can't wait for #jccc4! #jccc3
11:58 WiFi here at MCO is pretty good once you get on. Getting on? That's a bit of a challenge.
12:52 I bought a CD of my photos from the cruise. Have to go through software install and then unlock the images. What fresh hell is this?
13:19 @AnneWheaton Did you have anything to do with the googly eyes on the Best in Terms of Pants trophy's pants? #jccc3
14:16 After hours & hours in Orlando Airport, now on my plane to Dallas. Home eventually.
15:29 Inflight WiFi never ceases to amaze me. And after a week offline, it's fun to catch up.
16:11 @dndgirl Yeah, me too. So many new friends to meet.
18:15 Mad dash, but I made my connection. So long, Dallas. See you again some time.
19:39 Just in case you missed @sfsketchfest #w00tstock & #jccc3, the funniest 35 seconds on the Internet. http://t.co/pV6XzE6E