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Saturday's Tweets

07:30 At the gate at LAX. Flight leaves in an hour. Next stop, Orlando. Then Canaveral. #jccc3
08:10 @dndgirl See you soon! I'm on my LAX to Orlando flight. Leave in just a few. #jccc3
11:18 @alwayscoffee I'll think of your frozen Italian when I leave for the Caribbean tomorrow afternoon.
11:35 @alwayscoffee That's because it's the *only* mean thing I've ever said to you. Wish you were going with us.
12:47 So this is Orlando. Okay, it's just a runway in Orlando. But we'll be at the gate in a moment.
14:50 Pity me. http://t.co/NPqmlJhE
17:44 After a few hours hanging out with Sea Monkeys, I remember why I've been looking forward to this trip with such intensity. #jccc3
17:50 @HelloTheFuture Why the heck aren't you here yet? We've been waiting! #jccc3
17:53 @dndgirl I'm there too. Which one are you?
20:37 @VictoriaDahl You were stunning at 16. Almost as much as you are now. Almost.