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Saturday's Tweets

08:03 @wilw Maybe not as much fun as you guys; you were clearly having a blast! But it was great from the audience too. See you on the boat.
10:27 What you missed at #w00tstock last night: http://t.co/VCRJh3n2 Also @paulandstorm's version of @jonathancoulton's Baby Got Back.
11:06 @dndgirl Or @paulandstorm's cover of @jonathancoulton's cover of @GLEEonFOX's cover of @jonathancoulton's cover. Same difference.
11:09 RT @ThatSusanBurke: Oh great, I watched one episode of Sons of Anarchy and now Netflix thinks I'm white trash. [That's all it takes.]
11:15 Before #w00tstock last night I saw someone in a Wesley Crushers bowling shirt. Didn't know @thinkgeek had them. Perfect for #jccc3! @wilw