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Saturday's Tweets

11:01 Nothing else going on in SF, so I'm treating myself to a showing of Les Miserables. We will see if treating is the right word.
11:28 This theatre just ran a preview of an ad. A car ad. A Superbowl car ad. When did things get this weird?
14:24 I loved Les Miz so much. It helps that I love it as a play as well. Or maybe I just needed a good cry.
14:53 @HelloTheFuture I loved the whole thing. Helps that I'm such a fan of the stage version, but I thought it was brilliant.
16:03 @Lomara @rayhill @Agent_Akin I don't know that we've met. Ray, were you on #jccc2? (Yes, I'll be on #jccc3.)
16:13 @rayhill I'm sure you already know this, but be prepared to have an amazing time. Great people, both onstage and in the audience. #jccc3
16:24 @Lomara @rayhill Yes, both @mariancall and @Molly23 were part of the entertainment last year. http://t.co/tmIceEqz
18:41 In my seat for @ThrillingAdv at @sfsketchfest. Front row center. Yes, I am bragging.
18:44 @PFTompkins Is that a king hat? A King of Coffee hat? @ThrillingAdv
21:03 Back in the lobby after tonight's first @ThrillingAdv show. It was fantastic! Will the second show measure up?