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Friday's Tweets

06:14 My @sfsketchfest weekend starts! @PFTompkins tonight, @ThrillingAdv tomorrow (x2!), @yakkopinky on Sunday. So much fun!
10:48 There's a big difference between what's legal and what's right, and @GLEEonFOX went way over the line. http://t.co/KynjDz0a
14:01 Read about @GLEEonFOX, @JonathanCoulton, and Double Secret Exposure. #shhh! http://t.co/a1TQzeo8
19:01 In line for @PFTompkins at @sfsketchfest. Wonder if he brought a king hat.
22:39 Back from the @PFTompkins show. It was amazing as I expected. Now I can relax in my SF hotel before playing tourist tomorrow.