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Tuesday's Tweets

10:24 Conflict! Sexy musical number! It's another episode of #LearningTown! http://t.co/xkbr8Nuy
10:41 A new #LearningTown and a new http://t.co/PwSdil89? Tuesday morning may just be my favorite weekday morning!
11:50 Three days until @sfsketchfest. Seventeen until I leave for Orlando and #JCCC3. Not that I'm getting excited or anything.
15:36 Is Oracle a scummy company? Well, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, It's probably a duck. http://t.co/p4M1aSqa
20:59 Another accepted truth that isn't: serif fonts are not more readable than sans serif. Crap facts from crap studies. http://t.co/4uVsYZT5
21:28 "Give your wife pleasance" I know it's spam, and I know I don't have a wife, but still...