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Wednesday's Tweets

05:31 A cold wet day in NYC. Drowning my sorrows with a pastrami omelet at the Carnegie Deli. Fly home this afternoon.
05:38 Yum. http://t.co/ROrvyanq
07:45 Learning Town is awesome! @paulandstorm channel Meatloaf! I'm Twitter-shouting! http://t.co/kPI4ngnI
09:12 Took subway to AirTrain to JFK instead of kamikaze taxi. Slower, but much cheaper & lower stress.
10:29 @brettglass Depending on traffic, taxi isn't much faster. Trip by train wasn't bad at all.
10:34 I like Apple Maps a lot. But transit directions in Google Maps for iPhone are pretty fantastic for getting around NYC. Nice to have both.
11:13 Why does my gate list a flight to São Paulo, Brazil? Not that I would mind going, but my passport is back at home.
12:08 On my plane to SFO. Missed an upgrade by 2 slots. Sad.