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Thursday's Tweets

06:29 @alwayscoffee Is it wrong that I love the sound of your voice, even when you're being hostile as hell? Because I do.
06:40 @alwayscoffee It was my first chance to hear you speak, Ali. Your voice is younger and sweeter than I anticipated. Just lovely.
06:42 A beautiful piece on extremist loon Robert Bork. To bork someone is to defeat them with their own awfulness. http://t.co/WyDa2oVe
15:23 Just sent in my Time Off request for next month. Seems I have this little cruise thing coming up. And yes, there will be pictures. #jccc3
20:18 Enjoying a concert by @Molly23 and @TheDoubleclicks. Comics shops make great music venues. Quelle surprise!
22:17 At her concert with @TheDoubleclicks, @Molly23 sang the Nations of the World. @yakkopinky would have been so proud.