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Thursday's Tweets

09:38 Gosh, I hope these guys aren't *too* boring... http://t.co/3ZFveVSO
18:47 O'Reilly: "Asian People Are Not Liberal, You Know, By Nature. They're Usually More Industrious And Hard-Working" http://t.co/S0iY7zJ5
19:04 RT @paulandstorm: We've got a #w00tstock Founders' Night show at @SFSketchfest on Feb. 1. Tix & info: http://t.co/88hURnGG [Got my ticket!]
22:10 JoCoCruiseCrazy memories. Sweet, sweet memories. http://t.co/FdTD6ucB (Five more weeks!)
22:17 Bad idea: watching @paulandstorm vs. @wilw videos when I really need to get to bed. Arrrr! http://t.co/q49t3ORP