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Tuesday's Tweets

10:25 Honest Trailer for Lord of the Rings. Funny 'cuz it's true! http://t.co/PqnO6Mw8
10:35 RT @ThrillingAdv: Holiday message from @MarkGags and @Annie_Savage! Thanks for a great year! http://t.co/ZlRASICQ [Gotta share this.]
13:00 A good piece on what it means to be a Jew, even an atheist one like me. http://t.co/S62DEV3r
16:49 RT @petersagal: And I bought this, because @wilw. http://t.co/JJnLih7o [Best game ever. If you're a terrible person.]
17:03 Best product reviews ever. http://t.co/tekB9rss
17:04 Was thinking about driving around shooting (pictures of) Christmas lights. The rain has other ideas. No shoot for me.
18:51 Listening to the most psychotic Christmas Carol ever, but in a good way! Only .99 to the Red Cross. http://t.co/ITIL2R8P