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Friday's Tweets

07:16 Daleks make 1st appearance this date in 1963. 49 years later Mayans predict end of the world. Coincidence, you say? Fie on your coincidence!
09:24 RT @joshtpm: "This i the beginning of a serious conversation. We won't be taking questions today." [Umm, are you serious?]
09:27 RT @michaelianblack: When somebody shoots up a dentist's office, they'll be advocating for armed dental hygienists. [Yours aren't armed?]
09:33 Hard enough to take my coworkers seriously. But Santa hats? Not helping. Really not helping.
11:23 Nerd humor. http://t.co/mI6trDBa
11:41 @VictoriaDahl @Kierney_S Do they? Not a Royale with Cheese?
11:43 RT @cschweitz: I love the Internet RT @EmergencyPuppy: 'Tis the season for naps. http://t.co/UFWb9kiv [Awwww.]