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Thursday's Tweets

06:57 Dawdling at my laptop when I should be getting ready. First flight in three hours & change.
08:54 Through security, breakfasted, and at my gate. Settling down to a little work before boarding time.
09:31 Repugs mad at Mitt for bigot asshattery? Now they're mad? Where were they during the campaign? (Yeah, it's rhetorical.) http://t.co/xHx37nYz
11:57 First flight landed on time in Vegas. Now waiting for flight #2.
12:27 Here I go, tempting fate: on flight #2, everything's on time. Pretty easy travel today.
14:43 Aside from a teeny incident with our bags coming out on a carousel that didn't have our flight number, that was one easy travel day.
19:50 In case you were wondering, my Java talk in Salt Lake kicked butt. Talked for an hour, plus 1/2 hour of questions.