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Tuesday's Tweets

05:59 Election day. Hoping my Twitter & RSS feeds ease off considerably after today. Not all I'm hoping for today, but still.
07:30 There's a line at my local polling station. First time that's happened.
07:54 If they give me five stickers, does that mean I get to vote four more times?
08:14 Poll worker apologized for delay & thanked us for our patience. What's a few minutes, especially given what other places are dealing with?
08:59 @TheLewisBlack Voted in Mountain View, California. Forgive the self-portrait. http://t.co/uOFVaaqe
09:01 RT @petersagal: I wasn't gonna bother, but a bunch of celebrities on twitter said I had to http://t.co/SHSXhMtl [Always obey celebrities.]
11:57 Wait! #CactoidJim3012 was on the ballot? Is it too late for me to change my vote? @ThrillingAdv
20:46 Watching Colbert looking mock-upset at Obama's victory is just so sweet. As if the victory itself isn't enough.
20:51 RT @Lomara: Does tonight's election results mean I never have to see that douchey Paul Ryan workout photo ever again? [We can only hope.]
20:55 RT @feliciaday: 18 women senators in Jan?! That is truly awesome. #USA [Not enough.]