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Monday's Tweets

09:47 I like pie, and my friend Andy says they make good pie. So I just backed Niles Pie Company on @Kickstarter http://t.co/52mCYkEF
09:53 RT @meatflag: "Did we say impartial expert? We meant puppet, still besties? " http://t.co/LqLJzME7 [Impartiality is so subjective.]
10:05 MSFT CEO Ballmer channels Obi-Wan Kenobi: "These aren't the tablets you're looking for." http://t.co/X6piM6Rc
14:23 @montalvoarts Loved @reduced. Laughed myself silly, and enjoyed my brief chat with the cast afterward.
16:34 @cschweitz How can you be lonely with all of us tweeters just an Internet connection away?
17:50 @paulandstorm [P] If it comes down to cannibalism, remember that the younger children are probably more tender. Older are meatier, though.
18:11 @Sheila_DFT @VictoriaDahl Not true: WIlly Wonka (the Gene Wilder version), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang both better films than the books.
19:36 The @ThrillingAdv behind the scenes podcast episode was almost as much fun as the real episodes. Almost.
19:38 Jeeze, Mitt and Paul. You really are shameless. http://t.co/0zd8jhaX
19:59 Whenever people talk about government waste and too-high taxes, I think of all the resources we pull together in moments like this. #sandy