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Sunday's Tweets

15:02 Back in June Mitt called federal disaster relief immoral. With Sandy bearing down, think he still believes that? http://t.co/VlCVKHPa
15:06 RT @ChuckWendig: Joss Whedon endorses Mitt Romney, ladies and gents. Let him tell you why. https://t.co/SUYRPR23 [Say it ain't so, Joss.]
15:32 RT @ebertchicago: Hollywood liberal Joss Whedon endorses Romney. http://t.co/cFyTgvLy [Et tu, Roger?]
16:20 Sunday afternoon before Halloween is not a good time to visit a Halloween store. What was I thinking?
18:30 Chrysler suggests strongly that Mitt's a lying sack of excrement. No, they're not moving Jeep production from the US. http://t.co/YQDvw7PG
18:42 RT @InvisibleObama: It's nice to see the US has ways of shutting things down when getting violated by a hurricane. [Burn!]
18:56 The Romney campaign knows its Jeep ad is a lie, yet they won't stop running it. Maybe Shepard Fairey should do a Mitt poster called Trust.