Disorderly Content


Saturday's Tweets

07:21 'I’ve never been given instructions on how to exit “other stores”.' (Oh, MSFT.) http://t.co/zPcY6fO9
09:40 Good essay by @PFTompkins on his support for #Obama2012. A decent man trying to do the right thing & often succeeding. http://t.co/K8xgyW93
17:57 Today is my mom's birthday. You still have birthdays after you're not alive, right? I mean, what's the point otherwise? (Miss you, mom.)
17:59 How can anybody resist a plea for money from @pagetpaget? I certainly can't. And couldn't. And didn't. http://t.co/hFYl0DO5 @ThrillingAdv
18:32 Off to @montalvoarts to see the @reduced America show. Sure hope they can keep the lights on this time.
19:04 Oh, good. So far the lights are on at @montalvoarts. It's the little things, you know? @reduced
21:06 Intermission at @reduced. Feels like a lot of new material, but I could be misremembering. High-larious. (Begone, autocorrect.)
21:14 RT @reduced: @disorderly We're putting that on our new posters: "High-ate rival!" [Gorram autocorrect!]