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Friday's Tweets

07:26 Via @JoelMcHale & others, why I turned out the way I did. http://t.co/kawLteIr
09:20 As governor, Romney ordered discrimination against children of gay couples. Not right on paper. Not right in fact. http://t.co/Q3cpFfIq
09:23 Sununu's probably right. Powell supports Obama because they're both black. And Sununu supports fatuous white assholes. http://t.co/bAcFGLjN
15:27 MSFT: "We would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!" (Way to rationalize, guys.) http://t.co/UnUOwqCe
20:47 Yeah, what he said. (Chuck Lorre's vanity card from Thursday night's #TBBT) http://t.co/j8GMYYe9