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Monday's Tweets

08:02 @mustacherangers War and Pistachios #nutbooks
13:15 In Italy they jail scientists for being wrong. Here in the US we ignore them, the way God and the GOP intended. http://t.co/mbO3Q7Z8
13:18 RT @bnacker: did you hear Romney hates our kickstarter? http://t.co/U3ZkYzqn #DelaneyBait [And so he should.]
17:59 @paulandstorm [S] Ann Romney is the *real* supervillain behind the supervillain?
18:22 Watch comic book writer @Sonnova be funny and scattered as he attempts to praise @ThrillingAdv. No praise too extreme. http://t.co/OniuFnEY
18:26 Listening to @AustinTichenor memorialize his friend, Ambassador Chris Stevens on the @reduced podcast. Beautiful. http://t.co/BrI7y9Rt
18:30 RT @paulandstorm: [S] Here's the deal: whichever of them can sing the Animaniacs' "Nations of the World" fastest wins. #debate @yakkopinky
19:28 RT @foshjorbes: All this trade dispute talk must be giving George Lucas a raging boner. #2012debate [Hah!]
19:29 RT @Horsesbayonette: Mitt Romney: I can see Detroit from my front porch #debate #BocaDebate [Boy, that was quick!]
19:36 RT @JustaSunGod: We know, Geography "is" hard http://t.co/wydwmsvd [Oh, Mitt.]
19:44 Really? @RomneyResponse paid to promote a tweet to me about Obama not visiting Israel? Talk about your money well spent.