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Sunday's Tweets

09:04 Got email from brother checking up on me. Seems my tweets haven't been showing up on my blog. Fixed now; Twitter broke their old API.
10:35 @alwayscoffee I've always used passersby. And my online dictionaries seem happy with it.
12:36 Kevin Bacon Knows Exactly How To Destroy The GOP's War On Women http://t.co/V1JyUPmo via @moveon
12:58 Scott Adams of "Dilbert" fame endorses Romney for dumbest reason. If that doesn't put Obama over the top, what will? http://t.co/mR1dws5k
18:32 Panic at Villa Montalvo. Power failed, so we may or may not have a concert. Quelle horreur!
18:50 Lights just went out at Montalvo. Wonder if Nellie McKay can do an acoustic set in the dark...
19:35 Gave up on Montalvo and went home. When I left, PG&E was hard at work on the power. Decided the lack of usable toilets was a bridge too far.