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Wednesday's Tweets

10:14 If you think being a customer at Red Lobster or Olive Garden sucks, try being an employee. http://t.co/lEUmhC7H
10:27 Mongo just pawn in game of life. Now Mongo pawn taken off board, join Sheriff Bart. *snif*
10:29 @alwayscoffee Is it really a spoiler if it doesn't actually explain anything? @trishaleighKC
15:16 Once again, Verizon makes me feel a little better about staying with AT&T. http://t.co/tPIr7njd
17:39 Win8: I've watched it evolve from nightmarish in the first developer preview to merely misery-inducing in the RTM. http://t.co/UwzgA7gB
19:34 Interesting discussion about social media & business at #SVtweetup.