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Friday's Tweets

10:13 How long before I stop trying to plug my headphones into the top of my iPhone?
10:34 GOP makes it obvious they only care about winning, no matter how many people suffer. No suffering, no victory. http://t.co/wLGK7t0W
11:48 A CAPTCHA That tests for empathy? Philip K. Dick would be so proud. http://t.co/2Ipa53ZY
12:02 Hmmm... IMDB says my episode of @MythBusters will air this Sunday, but http://t.co/Or98SOVN lists Titanic episode. Call me frustrated.
12:30 Doesn't matter what you think, Mitt Romney agrees with you. http://t.co/keeCDwHa
22:30 RT @thingxinc: It is time. It is here. The here is now and it is now here so you have to be there, too. Now. http://t.co/T9d6Huns [Zombo!]