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Thursday's Tweets

06:56 I don't care what the sign says, I'm going in. http://t.co/0Evp7CL2
09:04 Nice view. http://t.co/UDbkfhVn
09:50 @millhouseyiddo I fly home this evening. Should have stayed an extra night.
13:14 @joshtpm Next they'll have to blame the liberal voters.
13:20 @toywithme Got mine last Friday. Love it. Great upgrade from iPhone 4.
16:00 Back at O'Hare. Two hours until my flight, and not an outlet in sight.
19:03 Got my upgrade, WiFi is engaged, life is a little less unpleasant for the next few hours.
19:05 Funny thing: outbound flight was a beautiful new 737 with extra overhead space and standard AC power. Return is old & cramped. *sigh*