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Monday's Tweets

11:09 Romney campaign promises to get more specific, won't provide specifics about that either. Now that's comedy! http://t.co/5rFRPhbg
19:14 Fact checkers? We don't need no stinkin' fact checkers! (Yeah, you really do.) http://t.co/w9vDhOVu
19:52 I love the Internets. My iPhone 5 has left Anchorage, Alaska and is on its way. Thank you, @iPhoneAlley! http://t.co/C5jQJVg2
20:34 My iPhone suddenly refused to sync. Think it knows it's getting replaced *very* soon? (Rebooting solved the problem.)
22:03 Ordered a new DSL modem that supports IPv6. Finally moving into the 21st century, a little at a time.