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Sunday's Tweets

09:27 RT @TPMLiveWire: Christine O'Donnell: I'm Considering Running For Senate In 2014 http://t.co/dTgemJpg via @sahilkapur [Oh boy.]
09:34 Turns out @jimcramer is a self-centered douchebag. Is anyone surprised by this revelation? http://t.co/AeL058I6
10:40 No, David Gregory, Netanyahu is not the Leader of the Jews. Although you may just be King of the Dipshits. http://t.co/K3rB2UJW
12:08 Didn't see that one coming. http://t.co/pmiCNzCs via @paulandstorm
12:16 Want. http://t.co/82IPRadF http://t.co/rzANJX3x
12:22 Are Romney and Ryan liars? Maybe not. http://t.co/xOSl5F2j via @ebertchicago
13:58 @counternotions Put them between two slices of Christian Bread and make a Christian Grilled Cheese Sandwich?
15:15 Two blog posts in a week! This one's about calling someone a fanboy, and why that's often beside the point. http://t.co/S5AN9o5N