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Friday's Tweets

07:18 @macosken Glad I got my order in early. Mine scheduled to arrive on the 21st.
07:22 Glad I got my order in early. An hour later and they were quoting 2 weeks. http://t.co/6bYqHuyA
09:20 @macosken Surprised you couldn't get on Apple site. I got in at 12:03, had order confirmation at 12:07.
11:46 Mitt is asked about middle class income, is off by a factor of 5X. #clueless http://t.co/o185SgRr
12:02 @angrymacbastard This dipshit is right up your alley. http://t.co/Gipqk0eR
14:59 RT @BreakingNews: Wisconsin judge strikes down Gov. Walker's law ending most collective bargaining for public workers - @AP [Justice!]
15:48 This makes me feel old and sad. Two of my favorite films, and the audience can't see them for what they are. http://t.co/zpm62SIy