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Monday's Tweets

09:51 A lifelong Republican finally gets a clue, discovers everything he knew is wrong. An interesting read. http://t.co/uUsztJZH
10:16 Glad to know that with its Azure cloud platform, MSFT continues its long tradition of UI excellence. And yes, that was indeed sarcasm.
10:23 Oh, HP. You're like an older, sadder Samsung. http://t.co/4F8ml7T5
10:25 Here's a shock: you can't believe criminal hackers to tell the truth. (via @gruber) http://t.co/Xef5MVQU
10:28 Paul Ryan: who you gonna believe, me or my lying voting record? http://t.co/GxSBk965
13:23 Birther event canceled due to a shortage of crackpots. In Arizona! http://t.co/nrvHU0gp
14:08 MSFT support is impressive: 3 calls & 2 emails. But the first email solved the problem. And I wouldn't need help if their UI didn't suck.