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Saturday's Tweets

04:29 4:30 ayem and I'm standing in a field in Reno. Waiting. Waiting.
05:07 It begins. http://t.co/2AuTLIOQ
05:41 Dawn Patrol http://t.co/pi4nG1DY
06:12 And they're off! http://t.co/jMkJt8N8
07:17 Ready to fly. http://t.co/NGqqMGQ1
07:23 Watch them go! http://t.co/OJBavRsd
07:35 http://t.co/Oqal5YUF
08:21 Ballooning done for today. After breakfast I'm off to Pyramid Lake. Balloons again tomorrow before I head home.
13:05 One image from my big camera. http://t.co/cqQTFAiA
13:10 5:51 this morning. The Dawn Patrol in flight. http://t.co/uhA1gJn2
13:28 @NYPinTA @cabri If you liked that iPhone picture, here's one from the big camera. http://t.co/tREXipgQ
13:53 Mitt Romney now claims his plan for the auto industry was just like Obama's. But it ain't necessarily so. http://t.co/emmqqrX8
13:55 Oh, Apple, you know me so well... http://t.co/vilUmUWJ
14:10 @paulandstorm Here comes Yogi Boo Boo #HoneyBooBooReplacements
15:58 @joshtpm Why is that a problem? It's not like voters have any long term memory.