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Wednesday's Tweets

14:46 Paul Ryan: run faster, climb higher than most anybody. Or just lies more and bigger. http://t.co/76MQlDxR
16:58 "He claimed an honor that he never earned." in re Paul Ryan http://t.co/nyCYNmrj
18:20 Downtown San Jose. Thai for dinner, then a play at @SJRep. Starring that Kartheiser guy. You know, Angel's kid.
20:45 Intermission. No idea where the play is going, but I'm enjoying the ride. "The Death of the Novel" world premiere. @SJRep
20:56 Catching up on DNC via Twitter while I wait for Act 2. Proud to be a Dem.
22:45 The set for tonight's play was on a turntable. First time it moved, I wanted to sing "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow!"