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Monday's Tweets

06:08 VP nominee Paul Ryan declares rape a method of conception. Can we bring back tar and feathers? http://t.co/PXXknVmd
10:22 Amazon reviewers wonder at the idea of Bic pens for women. I mean, let them write and they'll want to vote. Or drive. http://t.co/YMEVBzGj
13:52 I guess there are some behaviors even lawyers consider unacceptable. http://t.co/PNDIpHpE
14:03 @counternotions Why I finally unsubscribed from Groklaw. Objective analysis is nowhere to be found.
15:28 Nikon people have more respect for our gear. http://t.co/Wmxf0rig
21:45 Worked for months on a task on FB game Lucky Train. Close to finishing, see they're shutting down in two weeks. Fuck you very much, guys.