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Friday's Tweets

14:55 I've heard of people who keep fighting the last war (Civil War much?), but this is ridiculous even for these guys. http://t.co/hlbQoMZ8
16:59 RT @wilw: My iPad keeps saying "One BILLION dollars," like it's Doctor Evil, and Anne's iPhone just changed its name to Minime. [Hee!]
17:01 The jury sides with Apple against Samsung. Couldn't imagine how it could go otherwise, but feared it would. Blatantly copy at your peril.
18:33 @VictoriaDahl I'm certainly awful. Really, really awful.
19:23 @RonHogan @VictoriaDahl The heck you are, Ron! (See how awful I can be?)
19:25 Listening to @yakkopinky interview June Foray. I met Ms. Foray 25 years ago at a Mensa thing. She was gracious and sweet. Glad she still is.
19:31 @RonHogan @VictoriaDahl I'm so awful, Darth Vader takes awful lessons from me.
19:33 @VictoriaDahl Can't think of anyone I'd rather be awful to. @ronhogan
20:32 @TheStevenWeber Clearly these dipshits don't. @reduced Bible show is funny; only the most repressed could be offended. http://t.co/SQQTpoia