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Tuesday's Tweets

11:52 RT @ToryBelleci: You have to watch this. I'm still laughing. "Baby Got Back" sung by the Movies: http://t.co/j7YoDDde [I'm dying!]
14:28 Went to my usual burrito place for lunch. What greeted me was a gutted building and workmen finishing the job. No burrito for me.
14:34 RT @pourmecoffee: Oops. "Leader of anti-Semitic party in Hungary discovers he is Jewish" http://t.co/XpFb3mDN [Now that's comedy.]
18:19 At Mountain Winery, way too early as usual. Sushi, a cocktail, then Weird @alyankovic. How's your Tuesday night going?
18:44 Good view. http://t.co/2jBxVhdQ
18:44 Good seat. http://t.co/5YiaBNRz
20:37 So weird. http://t.co/S9cHi519
20:56 Classic weird. http://t.co/XugpDByZ
21:18 Peacock weird. http://t.co/92LXQ6BT
22:54 Best photo from tonight's Weird @AlYankovic concert: The Saga Begins. http://t.co/lB3pe57O