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Friday's Tweets

11:06 RT @TheTweetOfGod: Damn you Autocorrect! I just mistakenly sent 10,000 people to he'll. [That's my kind of deity.]
11:47 A Las Vegas Denny's with a full bar and a wedding chapel? What could possibly go wrong with that? http://t.co/D6XlFgrA
11:57 RT @billamend: Best "Call Me Maybe" video yet... http://t.co/wz7LbsBT (via reddit) [My eyes! Where's the bleach?]
16:24 Thanks to @read_weep, I learned a new meme: OH JOHN RINGO NO. Wow. Also eep. And ick. http://t.co/QGtknfAz http://t.co/88qR7gaR
22:07 Just finished Day of the Jackal and Sabrina. Now watching When Eight Bells Toll, much worse than I remembered. Not Alastair MacLean's best.