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Tuesday's Tweets

11:50 Finally! My D800 is on its way back to me, all fixed 'n stuff. Maybe it'll be here in time for this weekend's shoots.
12:44 RT @JustaSunGod: 7 worst website names. #wow http://t.co/pKzPGiy8 [I feel a spit take coming on...]
12:50 How much attention will this story get when it's Samsung & Moto products made by abused workers and not Apple? http://t.co/Pr0jsI9Z
12:54 Think Apple's evil? Welcome to Samsung. http://t.co/njAkBG8S
19:12 @alwayscoffee No. You're not. I've read your poetry.
19:56 My very expensive ball head arrived. So excited! (I know what you're thinking. Stop it.)
20:32 Just finished watching Phil Rosenthal on @KPChatShow. He's more Raymond than Raymond. Just downloaded his audiobook to my iPhone. Road trip!
21:02 In case you have any doubt that Samsung studied every detail of the iPhone in hopes of duplicating its success: http://t.co/tFMYlxct