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Monday's Tweets

06:36 Oh boy! @reduced is coming to the Bay Area October 27th. Just got my ticket. Sure hope they're amusing...
06:49 @Ebeebee71 Thanks, but I know @reduced very well, going back to CA Ren Faire days. Have seen all their shows except Christmas.
06:50 RT @froonium: Oz actor/writer/raconteur Jonathan Hardy, voice of Rygel and soul of #Farscape, has passed away at the age of 71. [Too young.]
11:00 Once again, the coverup is far more damaging than the lie. http://t.co/sY3BN1jL
20:41 So does this mean Mitt's cool with socialized medicine for all Jews, or just Israeli Jews? http://t.co/yvtpcLuA