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Sunday's Tweets

06:59 Up way too early, checked out of hotel, car returned, through Security & now at the gate for San Jose flight. Tired, as you might guess.
07:03 Ridiculous long line at Starbucks stand. I'm thirsty, but I'm not *that* thirsty.
07:06 @alwayscoffee but... The line... Too many hobbitses. Hates hobbitses. Hate.
07:24 Just got a call from Southwest: my flight is leaving from gate 9. Huh. I didn't know we were leaving from any other gate.
08:12 RT @joshtpm: Cheney: Picking Palin Was A 'Mistake' http://t.co/zoiRL0Xp via @TPMLivewire [From the Duh Department]
18:32 RT @counternotions: March 15, 1985. The first domain name bought: http://t.co/XcH1WER3. [My employer back then. Thought we'd change world.]
19:12 Just learned that Jonathan Hardy has died. He gave Farscape's Rygel XVI voice, and was both inspiring and funny in person. We'll miss him.
20:02 @HelloTheFuture Entirely my pleasure, Nicole. (If I had to rely on my art, I'd starve too.) Can't wait to catch up on #jococruisecrazy3.
20:05 @HelloTheFuture Good to know. I assumed you were playing on the cliche rather than being literal. Happy to know I was right.