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Saturday's Tweets

00:34 FInally in my hotel. And looks like my laptop charging problem at SJC was at their end, since the charger's working now. Excellent.
08:12 @pourmecoffee Who's a bigger unitard than Mitt?
08:25 Car coming at 11 to take me to the boat. That leaves 2.5 hours to kill in a particularly anti-scenic part of Washington State.
09:14 So Mitt Romney is a selfish insensitive asshole. But is he the selfish insensitive asshole America needs? (Oh hell no.)
11:44 Checked in and waiting to board. http://t.co/NQTtnTFW
12:11 Boarding time. Hello, Westerdam. We meet again at last... http://t.co/P4PnPN0y
13:50 Two Bloody Marys later, my holiday has truly begun.
14:15 Okay, so I'm on the Westerdam. WhereTF are @paulandstorm and @wilw? Not the same without them.
14:26 Last cruise had 550 Sea Monkeys. This one has 600 devout Christians. Oh Lord, why hast thou forsaken me?