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Friday's Tweets

15:38 3 status update calls from Southwest for my 8:20 flight tonight. First delayed to 9:20, then 8:45, now back to 8:20. Are we done now?
19:31 Through security and at my gate at SJC. Flight's delayed a little over an hour. But WiFi's free, and I'm comfortable.
19:48 First crisis of the trip: power brick is failing. Bad brick or bad power here? May be laptopless if I can't find a replacement.
20:37 @IsobelCarr no. Do you also use who for people and that for things?
20:47 @IsobelCarr Well of course he (or she) is! Dogs have more personality than a lot of people.
21:20 On the plane. An hour late, but we'll be on our way pretty soon.
23:28 Hello, SEA/TAC!