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Sunday's Tweets

11:38 My MacBook's trackpad is tracking randomly or not at all. Waiting at the Apple Store for my Genius Bar appointment. How's your Sunday going?
13:12 Quick visit to the Apple Store. It'll take a few days to get my MBPS back, but it'll be free. Lucky trackpad died with a month of warranty.
14:38 There are far too many dark gray Camrys around here.
15:55 RT @pourmecoffee: Kudos to this guy for playing it ultra-straight: http://t.co/Njmi0SfW [Explains the Amazon outage.]
20:35 Great. Rob Schneider is the new Jenny McCarthy, a thought that makes me a little bit nauseous. And I watched ¡Rob! http://t.co/MO7c7wrB
20:55 What to use while my MBP is in repair? Work ThinkPad? I think not. Old MacBook? Could do, but I'm spending all my time with my iPad.