Disorderly Content


Friday's Tweets

04:03 Texas GOP on record against critical thinking. Yep, sounds about right to me. http://t.co/pmH4xR7I
04:14 Just about done with the Red Hat conference. Flying home this afternoon. Wish I could stay longer in Boston, but home & new camera await.
07:08 JetBlue, we need to talk. Requiring Flash to check in to my flight? So not cool. (iPhones rule; Flash, not so much.)
07:20 RT @JetBlue: @disorderly - We're working on it! [That was quick. I so love Twitter.]
07:30 @Brian_Cowie Sorry we missed each other, Brian. Didn't have much free time this trip.
07:33 @Brian_Cowie Nikon D800. Supposed to arrive today.
22:21 Home after a long day flying. Hope jetlag doesn't keep me from sleeping. That would just be cruel.