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Sunday's Tweets

07:54 Why won't the press acknowledge what's obvious: that Mitt's campaign sits on a mountain of lies? http://t.co/R56x3qxx
14:58 Back from shoot #1 today. Supposed to have another this afternoon, but model still hasn't said where we're to shoot. Color me irritated.
14:59 When is a hands-on review not remotely hands-on? When it's a MSFT product. Surface reviews only scratch the surface. http://t.co/DjK5X521
15:18 18 reasons Obamacare is a good thing for the Middle Class: http://t.co/kIwINLmg
15:44 Who cares about Dems, women and minorities? Obviously, nobody in network news gives a shit. http://t.co/txetfazM
19:40 @Molly23 Have you been overdosing on caffeine pills?