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Thursday's Tweets

07:34 Heading to RIverside in a couple of weeks for a shoot. Was going to drive until @Southwest came up with a cheap flight. DING! for the win!
07:37 Don't think @Southwest is really into this Twitter thing. 2200 followers and not a single tweet.
11:21 The emperor has no clothes. MSFT showed the Surface way too soon. http://t.co/7Eg8Bksh
18:26 Just listened to the last of @yakkopinky and @PFTompkins podcasts. There's no more? *sob* *snif* Fix this! I demand amusement, dammit!
21:37 "Oh no, Mr. Bill!" (Weird stuff from Japan via @VictoriaDahl.) http://t.co/7QqVHTnh
21:40 Anyone who got a Windows Phone 7 phone to be screwed by MSFT. Show of hands: who saw that coming? http://t.co/p5FQBAez
21:46 "Instances of design brilliance, like that kickstand"? Really? This is brilliance to you? Oh, Cringely. http://t.co/vnCDdLG4