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Saturday's Tweets

08:44 RT @BorowitzReport: A Romney presidency would be great unless you're poor, gay, Mexican, a woman or a dog. [Or care about any of the above.]
11:29 A Catholic priest reads his church the riot act. Even sheep wake up given time and provocation from Rome. http://t.co/DN1KUYvQ
14:23 @VictoriaDahl @alwayscoffee I like that in a woman.
19:23 Listening to @yakkopinky's podcast. Met him at a signing during Animaniacs' heyday. Cool then, even cooler now.
20:41 RT @billamend: Great encapsulation of what some of us deal with re health insurance. http://t.co/f7llJMlk [Hope the Supremes listen.]
21:02 @yakkopinky You asked about it on podcast #42. Dick Van Dyke sang his theme song on @waitwait on NPR. http://t.co/pLW2ZFy9 Start at 8:50.