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Saturday's Tweets

07:47 In case you had any doubt about Verizon being heartless scum. http://t.co/yyqcuPFh
09:44 It's not that Mitt was an asshole as a kid; lots of us were. It's that he can't feel or won't admit to remorse now. http://t.co/hKfaNaBc
14:27 @angrymacbastard Did you guys miss this one? http://t.co/h9ixLNjF (NYTimes fucked up Apple tax story.)
15:59 And here we thought Colin Powell was the one honorable individual in the Bush administration. http://t.co/fTxo6Bza
18:57 @VictoriaDahl I've only seen the first Iron Man, & sort of know the other characters. But I loved it. A roller coaster of thrills & laughs.
18:58 @alwayscoffee Just what I was thinking: wish I could see your bottom.
19:00 @alwayscoffee Good; that's what I was going for. But the dress looks awfully good.
20:40 @petersagal Maybe you should turn the Thesaurus option off, "Peter".